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Simple Jump Master Core Bracelet

Simple Jump Master Core Bracelet

The Simple Jump Master Core Bracelet is only $14.95, These Bracelets will have the Jump Master Airborne Wings ONLY engraved in the center of the bracelet. No Other Customization is Available other than the color options we have available for this offer. 

Color Choices included in this Offer are Anodized Black, Red, Blue, Gold and Plain. (RAW/Polished Aluminium are an additional cost)

***Any Units and Crests not listed take time to convert to use on my machine. I charge in quarter hour increments (1/4 hr = $10.00), 1/4 hour time minimum, I charge $40.00 per hour. There is a $20.00 setup fee for all custom engravings. Hourly rate and setup fee is in addition to the cost of materials and shipping costs. 

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