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101st ABN HardCore Bracelets

101st ABN HardCore Bracelets


This bracelet is one of my 101st Airborne Designs (Gold and Black), this bracelet features Air Assault Wings and the 101st Airborne Patch incorporated into it's design. These Bracelets are not the CHEAP laser engraved ones you find here on eBay. These are Diamond engraved, this is what you need in order to get a lifetime of service from your bracelet, it simply will not wear off.  This bracelet features a Anodized Gold Aluminium Core, Two Black Anodized Plates with the 101st Airborne Patch incorporated into the design. This bracelet also has the Stainless Steel Button screws to add a little bling to an already awesome piece of work. This model also has the rounded off ends for comfort and a smooth look. To finish this bracelet off, I have added an inner Neoprene pad that puts a layer between you and the bracelet's core, these is how we roll....In comfort. Each one of these Bad boys is 100% handcrafted here in the USA, by me!!!

 ***Any Units and Crests not listed take time to convert to use on my machine. I charge in quarter hour increments (1/4 = $10.00), 1/4 hour time minimum, I charge $40.00 per hour. There is a a $20.00 setup fee for all custom engravings. Hourly rate and setup fee is in addition to the cost of materials and shipping costs. 

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